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I gather that DOSBox will not work with AALib? This is from what I have read and: pi@raspberrypi ~ $ SDL_VIDEODRIVER=aalib dosbox DOSBox version 0.74 Copyright 2002-2010 DOSBox Team, published under GNU GPL. --- Exit to error: Can't init SDL Unable to open a console terminal

Re: Accuracy of emulated RTC time

Ah yes, thank you for refreshing my memory from my PCDOS days..... I spent a few hours with Google and found: http://ansis.lv/uptimer/index.en.php Uptimer appears to work well with DOSBox, however I have only used it for about one hour. I will update this thread in a few days time once I have time …

Re: Accuracy of emulated RTC time

I would like to add that the RTC was not available on the PC and XT models, and was introduced on the AT. So there's a good chance that software doesn't try to read the RTC directly, but uses DOS time functions instead, because this is the more compatible and common way to handle time in DOS (in …

Accuracy of DOS clock

For applications that utilize the time, like BBS software, how accurate can the RTC emulation be? How many seconds or minutes per hour will generally be lost? Are there any ways to improve emulated RTC accuracy?

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