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Re: Huge "zoom out" games list

in Milliways
Since it says "games list" I think I can add something towards the "zoom out" part. Roller Coaster Tycoon can be run in any resolution in window mode. It will start in whatever is set in the game, but can be pulled bigger as far as the screen goes.

Re: LGA 775 CPU compatibility

Something I actually know a bit about. On the search for the chipset for the broadest support for CPUs, RAM (type, size and clock) and GPUs (including SLI/Crossfire) I actually made a sheet with the generic capabilities. It includes Intel, nVidia, SiS, VIA and ATi chipsets. Not the best in terms of …

Re: My Socket LGA775 Build

That's pretty close to one of the builds I got, GTX 660 Ti instead of a 580, but they should be pretty similar in performance, and a Xeon X5460, because the high-end C2Q (Q9550, Q9650),are typically more expensive then thy should be with often the price of the Xeon. Dual booting XP and 7. Overall a …

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