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Re: Cable / Connector Identification Needed

in Milliways
I think this is what I need? https://www.ebay.com/itm/JST-PH-2-0mm-Pitch-4Pin-Female-Connector-Crimp-Contact-Pin-Header-Connector-x-20/184573956720?epid=833499484&hash=item2af9771270:g:KMYAAOSwxphbHzHK Maybe I am making this more complex than it is but the PH and XH series are 'look alike' except …

Re: Biostar MB-8433UUD-A

Here a photo of the board. The issue also occured with KVM. My feeling always was that it is more a keyboard issue than a mouse issue because, for example, a copy/paste action in Windows could be done with the mouse alone but as soon as I used a ctrl/insert key combination to 'pick up' a line the …

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