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Re: New Performance Issue In Mac OS Catalina

I only ask because the SDL2 SVN build seems to be the first build where enabling vysync actually has an effect in macOS. It works great in some games (i.e Epic Pinball, Lemmings Chronicles) but horribly in others (i.e Lemmings 2, Warcraft 2) where it causes major slow downs and sound problems. As …

Re: New Performance Issue In Mac OS Catalina

Yes, try the SDL2 or even the normal snapshot and make sure you have opengl or metal (with the SDL2) as output. Surface is seriously slow. Jmarsh made the 64bit dynamic core much faster in SVN, so both should give a nice boost Oddness. Downloaded SDL2 and found no difference. Systematically tried …

New Performance Issue In Mac OS Catalina

Hi folks, firstly I wanted to give some love for the forum redesign - it's working brilliantly on every platform I've tried it on, and has made it even easier for me to connect with the buzzing community here. Secondly, I almost exclusively use DOSBox to play Indianapolis 500 on my Mac laptop. It's …

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