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Re: Awe64 Gold with SimmConn

which games did not work for you under win95? i once did some testing on a pentium 60 and while there is a small framerate hit, even more demanding games were fairly playable. a dx4/100 is usually right in the same ballpark. besides, if you read some initial reviews for the AWE32, which is basically …

Re: Now that's what I call SC-55 music

first, command & conquer and jazz jackrabbit never used MIDI in the first place. second, not to discourage you, but i've definitely seen videos around with capture footage from synths, and there's nothing too special about that imo... all you're seeing is some moving bars and one of the instruments. …

Re: Difficult games to get working

more of a list of old technical grievances rather than games that outright won't work at all, but... rise of the triad in its original release to my knowledge still hasn't been cured from the mid 90s shooter plague that is player movement mapped to mouse y-axis, at least the different iterations of …

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