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Re: Another A500+ XT

exactly this one is 500+ III 😉 have 8bit IDE on board and floppy controler. This might be the reason why acer decided to put just 2 isa slots. I looked in your thread and you did an excelent wor! maybe just changing backplate with 4 slots will be working. now I have to just find such backplate

Another A500+ XT

Hello Recently I got my first XT system. It's an Acer 500+ with 720kb 3,5 inch drive and 21MB HDD installed. The disk is apperantly dead :-( but overal the system looks very clean and in excelent working condition : IMG_20150929_193127.jpg IMG_20150929_193243.jpg IMG_20150929_193318.jpg I just …

Re: Toshiba T1850

i disassembled the floppy and seems like belt is worn out... Not a big deal beacuse I'm planning to replace floppy with hxc drive, until I find any working FDD. HDD it's detected by bios (80MB). Seem like it initialize correctly on boot. But when system trie to boot it got some weird noises and …

Toshiba T1850

Hi I recently got Toshiba T1850. Seems quite a used, but overal look in good condition. After applying some power in battery slot it powered on :-) IMG_20150822_204128.jpg IMG_20150822_203923.jpg System specs: CPU : 80386/25 FPU : 80387 FDD : 1.44MB HDD : 80MB Now the bad thing, both Floppy and HDD …

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