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Re: Vmware DX11 support

if anyone is bored: vista 32bit + dgvoodoo2 :) On VMware? Any surprises when you try that? It's been a while, but at some point, VMware Tools update broke OpenGL on VMware on Windows Vista because the DLL implementing OpenGL started depending on a function that only exists in Windows 7+. Unless …

Re: Favourite 1996 games?

in Windows
Yup, one can always find things that could be done better, sometimes significantly better. I still find it crazy how software in general manages to work as well it does, so much stuff to write before anything interesting happens and things to look out for. I've spent some time patching some of my …

Re: Favourite 1996 games?

in Windows
I downloaded Mafia II Definitive Edition and holy crap, it's several times the size of the original, 64-bit, uses (slower) D3D11 renderer instead of D3D9 one, loading times are longer, physics effects are a bit glitchy, stutters a bit, even on consoles, positional audio seems inaccurate in places, …

Re: Doom95 under Windows 10

in Windows
I just tried Doom95 (the version with "Sky never changes in Doom II" bug) on Windows 10 1909. I used DxWnd , mouse patch and demo recording patch . It worked OK. It's interesting that game's own windowed mode didn't work. I could also connect two machines on LAN for multiplayer for which I used …

Re: The Need for Speed Special Edition for Windows doesn't work

in Windows
DirectPlay is not an issue. If on Windows 8 or later, install DirectPlay first from Control Panel->Programs and Features->Turn Windows features on and off. Duplicate dplayx.dll in Windows\SysWOW64 (or System32 if it's 32-bit OS) and name it dplay.dll, alternatively, you can make a hard link to the …

Re: Problematic Windows games list

in Windows
HunterZ wrote on 2020-05-09, 19:03: Moved Interstate '76 discussion to UCyborg's thread to keep it all in one place. Thanks everyone. You moved some unrelated discussion there for the game Incoming.

Re: A3d Alchemy Not Working in Windows 10

in Windows
There's an alternative a3d.dll floating around the net you can use instead of the one that comes with A3D-Live, A3Dx5, supposedly developed by Creative. The latest version I found ( is included with older unofficial patches for Interstate '76 Nitro Pack because it solves a critical sound …

Re: NFS High Stakes D3D6 mode

in Windows
From the modern patch's readme, changes to DX6 renderer are minimal. When it comes to visuals, it says fog support is restored and dithering is disabled by default for 16-bit modes, which would get you faithful 16-bit look without tricks to try improve the quality given the limitation of available …

Re: What sound card do you use on your modern PC ?

in Milliways
The thought about getting a dedicated sound card did cross my mind at times, but one thing that's not clear is if I would gain anything with it when it comes to how it would sound compared to onboard VIA VT1708B I currently use. Would it make any difference when paired with headphones like …

Re: Far Cry

in Windows
Creative ALchemy doesn't support 64-bit games. There was some talk about building 64-bit version of DSOAL on its GitHub project issues page , so it's supposedly buildable, but you might have to compile it yourself unless someone provides the binaries. I only know of Vaporeon site providing 32-bit …

Re: Help me fix interstate '76 gold?

in Windows
The actual reason the game crashes there is that one function that calls HeapCreate also stores the handle to the newly created heap in the variable holding the handle to another already existent heap, overwriting it. So certain function calls dealing with memory allocation were specifying the …

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