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Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

I picked up a couple more Lian Li cases recently and one of them specifically because it included a genuine original side panel with window. Well it turned out to also have a fully functioning system in it with some useful other parts, but also... a working cold cathode! I used to have them in my …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

Screwed up a 5.25 bay cover print for my DOS6.22/Win3.11 build, twice. Whoops... 1. Failed to notice a small piece of black PLA on the nozzle before starting the print, in the "S". 2. Forgot to verify z-offset, hence the gaps in the print. I'll still use it though. :) That bay cover is awesome. I'd …

Re: Yellow plastic, and how Creative handled it

I think the OP found the one instance where this was a fluke. Yeah that was the first time I see such approach in production. I'm thinking about getting into 3D printing just because of this. I also had to 3D print parts.. luckily those are for interal uses (drive rails), otherwise I would have …

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