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Re: The Boring Beige Box podcast went 404

in Milliways
Is this any use? I'm at work so can't check the files, 1-5 at the bottom Looked again and saw you can't directly download them - tried to capture them but limited at work https://www.mixcloud.com/boringbeigebox/ This page might have the actual files - its blocked when clicking the files because of …

Re: Cannot execute Terminator Future Shock

It worked. Both games will now boot without issue. Future Shock is even available in high-res svga through Skynet now. Thank you for your tremendous help and continued patience. Nicely done, a lot of dos games bitd relied on the cd either for space reasons (hard drive's weren't as big back then and …

Re: Voodoo1/2 will it work with onboard graphics?

You can also use these splitters to do the same job as the original cables, I used these before I got hold of the proper cables. Work a treat - One end in vga card and other to Voodoo, just have one plug unused afterwards! https://www.amazon.co.uk/FreeLogix-SVGA-Monitor-Splitter-Cable/dp/B000XYQVH4/ …

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