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Re: What do you regret throwing out?

in Milliways
Do not even know where to start with what I regret throwing out either because thought was damaged or because did not know any better, top of the list would be Roland rap 10 card, 2 Packard Bell 486 machines, Tandy 386 machine (which was 100% functional) or a COAST module made by Corsair

Re: Any others given up on the hobby?

in Milliways
I have to admit haven't been into the retro computing hobby as much past few years, actually this is my first post in over a year but mainly cause i got busy with life. The lesser supply of parts combined with higher prices has also made me shy away from the hobby some, although i still acquire …

Re: Halo 2 on modern PC?

in Windows
I had no idea the online part of Halo 2 was still going, wonder why they shut down Live for Halo 2 even though you still have to log into Live to play.

Re: Lost interest in new games since a couple of years...

in Milliways
I too have lost interest in new games most feel very stale after just a few hours or less. Usually gameplay is too complex and slows down the feel of the game this is most common in sequels that try to build on the predecessors gameplay. Not many games now that you can play for 20 minutes and have a …

Re: I wish all, a nice easter 2016.

in Milliways
Been good so far family is visiting took me 5 days to get all the tech clutter in my house where it should be, sort of. My nephew gave me a good laugh today, I was reading Vogons about an hour ago and he walks over starts reading some of the post and notices a reference to Win95 and asks me "is …

Re: Fun with Macintosh Performa 6115CD

Used to have a 61xx Mac can't remember the exact model but it had 2 CPUS a 486 socket and Apples Motorola socket it ran Windows or MAC OS, did use the HDI-45 connector luckily I had the original monitor for it performance was so-so replacing the Cyrix DX2 with a Intel DX2 made it a little faster but …

Re: Anybody own a house?

in Milliways
I spent a few days in miami. Hated EVERY second of it. I could not deal with the humidity. Colorado (plains) is dry most of the time. I thought Colorado was full of snow? and you can do repairs yourself without County breathing down your neck? Sounds like a great place to live. Not sure how vicious …

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