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Re: Windows 3.11 FWG uninstall drivers

Windows 3.x era drivers had a bad habit of strewing files all over \WINDOWS and \WINDOWS\SYSTEM with no uninstall utility, so odds are there's no clean way to do this. For the Control Panel applets, there will be *.CPL files in \WINDOWS\SYSTEM that you need to delete. You should be able to figure …

Re: Games not detecting CD Rom ? Windows 98

Yamaha YMF744 PCI (new addition) Since this is the only thing that's changed recently, it is the prime suspect. I'm thinking IRQ conflict. Try removing the sound card. If that solves it, then try force assigning a different IRQ to the sound card or putting it in a different PCI slot. It would make …

Re: mouse driver

If you didn't rely on a standardized driver, you would shift the responsibility of implementing the driver to software developers. Essentially every game or application would need to include the same stuff anyway. You absolutely can bypass the need for mouse.com and talk to the mouse directly if you …

Re: Slowish VGA performance with 5x86 + Matrox Mystique

in Marvin \ Video
Hey all, DX4 specs (gets 67 fps): M Technologies VLB motherboard, SiS 471 chipset Intel DX4/100 (3x33) 16 MB FPM RAM 256K L2 cache S3 805 2MB VLB You know what, i found one of these SY-030H2 boards for 3 dollars that included an amd 100mhz cpu. it looks nice, PCI; ISA, not vLB tho. And no support …

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