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Re: SPDIF output level

Hey guys, This isn't a question about retro audio hardware, but I'm hoping you guys might know the answer. The other day I connected a digital amp to my onboard audio's optical out. Is it recommended to run Windows volume at 100% all the time and adjust volume output using the amp's volume control? …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

Jo22 wrote on 2024-02-10, 17:28: TWM is also an option. It's so old it's not being bloated yet. It's also professional looking (like CDE or Motif), not a cheap KDE clone. FVWM is visually much closer to the Motif window manager (as found either in IRIX or CDE builds), and TWM is actually more …

Re: A sound card that looks a little special

DerBaum wrote on 2024-01-19, 02:51: It is for a siemens nixdorf FD210 All in one system. Judging from the strange bracket on your card, it seems it came from a special application / integrated system. All that via stitching is impressive. Someone was serious about suppressing stray voltages.

Re: Radeon 8500LE vs 8500

Check if the board has faster RAM chips installed. Has 3.6ns Hynix TSOP chips. But Ive seen LE's with 3.3ns chips too... so I guess faster RAM is not an indicator of a real 8500. The faster RAM can potentially support the 275 mhz mem clock of non LE cards. Non LE cards won't come with 4ns RAM.

Re: Cheap Sound Card for DOS --- ALS4000 PCI

yep, which is such a shame as would be awesome card otherwise. Honestly, I would _love_ if those cards had a full HW XG synth onboard. Still wonderful devices, though. I guess the wording wasn't overly clear, how about "True OPL for Dos and that XG Midi chip basically gives you a MU-10 external …

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