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Re: munt CPU speed requirements?

sergm wrote on 2020-07-09, 08:02: Hmm, that looks a bit tricky. Only MT32_PCM.ROM itself is about 512K, and CM32L_PCM.ROM is twice as big. I guess RSS is ~8.6Mb here 😀 Bah! Resident set of 8M. Units are 1 kbyte, not 1 byte. With all the libraries linked in with portaudio, we're talking just under …

Re: munt CPU speed requirements?

It varies a bit depending on the architecture. On an Ivy Bridge CPU with speed optimizations, the VSS for mt32d is about 500k. So it's small. Copy code to clipboard 1 gdjacobs 14961 4.5 0.1 442480 8604 pts/0 Sl+ 21:27 0:19 ./mt32d

Re: 4 Sound Card DOS System

The DB50XG is a nice option to have. Given a choice I wouldn't trust any of the Creative cards for an MPU host. Seems like the only alternative is the Turtle Beach Pinnacle, which may not be practical in such a multi-standard setup. My favorite (but German) source about soundblaster revisions …

Re: What are you eating/drinking? (the vogons food thread)

in Milliways
Invited the family over to my place for a Canada day pancake brekky! w00t w00t! I love pancakes. I can enjoy it with anything over it, from a simple butter, to jam and why not peanut butter... yummy. I ate these things (the toppings, not the pancakes) with waffles some weeks ago. Do you do them …

Re: Roland MT-32

Old hardware is always fun, although I'm not aware of a significant technical reason to prefer it. In general, Munt is now extremely accurate, although the legality of the ROM files is a grey area. You can check with sergm if you have questions about specific hardware versions, their bugs or quirks, …

Re: Possibly crazy idea : using a Raspberry with Jack and something like JackMix to have "create" a software S/PDIF mixe

My goal is 3 or 4 inputs . That seems within reach of even USB 1.1, in theory . Assuming you're not restricting sampling rate or bit depth, you'll need 196608 /s sample rate * 24 b sample bit depth * 2 channels per I2S port for a grand total of 9437184 b/s per I2S port. Looking at Aliexpress, it …

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