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EIZO MD-B10 ROMs needed

I have a Tseng ET3000AX-based EIZO MD-B10 ISA card that doesn't post and would be curious to see it running. It has two chips, one BIOS and one "PR" (? might be the sync-bios). I googled everywhere for dumps but I couldn't find anything. Does anyone have this strange video card and would be kind …

Re: Windows 11 - MS wants to get rid of HDDs for drive C:

in Milliways
Well after a clean install Windows is still doing work. If you get 100% I/O when your Windows 10 PC is idle, I would suspect the drive is starting to fail. Or it's a SMR drive you've you just done an excessive amount of writes to. Not really, ever tried to install any version of Win10 after …

Re: What modern activity did you get up to today?

in Milliways
My best friend was about to trash his old i7-920 tower but I kind of liked the case, so I took it home and upgraded it a bit: bought a Xeon, swapped the PSU from my slow i5, updated the BIOS, replaced its ATi 5870 with a 750Ti, replaced its 3x2gb of DDR3 with 6x8gb, added an SSD, added a second …

Re: Jazz Jakarta PCI Drivers

Unfortunately I can't get it to boot without hanging, either shows a solid color (green or cyan sometimes) or POSTs with character artifacts at particular spots. Most probably the RAM chips will have to be changed.

Jazz Jakarta PCI Drivers

Does anyone have the installation diskettes for the Tseng ET4000/W32p-based Jazz Multimedia Jakarta PCI card? Only found these filenames in scenelist.org but no downloads anywhere apart from spamish driver downloader tools: JKV2DSK1.ZIP 1214649 02-08-97 ┌───────────────────────────┐ │ Jakarta Video/ …

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