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There is a common API implemented by most memory managers called "VDS" (virtual-mode DMA specification), but it adds a lot of complexity to the quite simple IDE implementation in the BIOS and adds a dependency from the BIOS to the memory manager. It seems BIOS writers were reluctant to implement …

Re: Windows 98 and DOS Question

Also I know I had this answered in another thread but I wanted to go more into the CuteMouse program for DOS, is it for pure DOS or MS-DOS, also how do I run it, I think there is an AUTOEXEC file in the bin folder of the program so do I edit the sys config and set that as a launch program. Like I …

Re: Recommendation 386-k6-3 era motherboards that are compatible with modern cases?

If you have a full ATX case you should be able to fit a Baby AT motherboard in it with two complications: You'll either need to do without an I/O shield, try and find a premade one, drill a hole for the keyboard port in a blank one, or 3D print one Because AT cases had 8 slots, and ATX has 7, you'll …

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