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Re: Disk cache drops performance massively

Under plain DOS I get over 30 MB/s so dma must be enabled already? lower performance in windows will come from copying of content which is not required in dos; the additional loss of performance comes from system load and maybe You can confirm that by comparing performance of a simple loop in all 3 …

Re: 16 Bit Sound Cards in XT (8086/8088)

in Marvin \ Sound
wasnt playing wav over gus extra cpu intensive? would this become any easier if the cdrom was attached to sound integrated ide? or maybe scsi is the way to go? cdroms on such old machines will often play cdaudio without software support - hence 0% cpu usage might be possible? whats the use of …

Re: On "time-accuracy," and whether it's worth it.

in Milliways
its an individual thing id say - i personally value other things but i can fully appreciate a nice setup with proper software and config; i suppose its about a sensitivity to historic market evolution and ocd-ish precision in parameters of the selected parts; a 486 with a tnt2 is a nice thing to …

Re: The Asperger's Syndrome Thread

in Milliways
i have not been diagnosed but i im almost certainly autistic (people notice this 'something' about me) and i did focus too much on singular topics in the past, social incompetence is strong with this one too; i did hear a few more serious terms for my mind state as well though, no idea if these …

Re: Retro OSes for retro computers

i believe he means that the fat should be the physical root of the fstree; im not sure how hard that is, filename length constrains may be an issue, respecting letter size should not be, presence of attributes should not be an issue either - or so believe

Re: Windows 95 install

highscan checks which parts of memory map to allocate - it might just find another kb free here or there; if you can resign of the 8192 argument, also try auto instead of ram or just highscan alone; sorry but ima too lazy to pull out my 386 for this one :D there was a program that did both himem and …

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