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Re: VIDEO BENCHMARKS (Original title: Settling the VIA C3 performance debate once and for all)

My turn to test a C3 Nehemiah 1200 with a C5P core. It's running on an Asus TUSL2-C, 512MB PC133 and Windows XP. I first used an eBay IDE to SATA converter (as you see on the photo) but it's really an unstable piece of junk, so I switched to a Promise SATA300 card. Interesting! I'm using a C5P core …

Re: How about a MR-BIOS ROM file repository?

I've been able to find four names so far: Mike/Michael Meisner — mentioned as "the sole proprietor of Microid Research" in some sources from mid-90s (probably prior to their sale/merge with Unicore) Jason Raza — often listed as "contact at MR BIOS" on Usenet Rhod Williams (?) — mentioned as working …

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