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Searching for GUS and Turtle Beach patchsets

Hi, all After some excessive lurking on Wayback Machine I've learned about the existence of a few patchsets for GUS cards and ICS Wavefront (Tropez/Maui) cards. However, I've been unable to track down the actual files so far. I'm posting detailed information hoping someone has the files or can help …

Re: List of video card tech demos

With Glide there are also demoscene demos, do they count here? Here's what I found in my archives: codename demo dimen edison_b fuctory gds-ifut img_fall infy2rel moppi_p radioactivity scorp_fl sds1std2 shortcut tobecontinued trip vgonatur vgonatur_patched virhe_by zertvait

Re: What vintage CPU socket saw the biggest increase in CPU horsepower from release to retirement?

I suppose Socket 1 is a strong contender if you do count later upgrades and CPU interposers, from 486SX-16 to AMD 5x86-133, so more than 8x the difference just in clock, not to mention the FPU and bus speed increase. Without interposers you have Socket 3, from 486SX-20 (though more commonly they …

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