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Re: Will s478, s939, s775 or AM2 systems ever get as expensive as pre-socket 7 systems?

Nostalgia is the main driving force. I would assume the majority of us got back into reto machines in mid/late 30's? But our fondest memories are with the PC closer to our teens, lets round of to 10 years of age. That would place the next wave of people wanting to recreate their childhood PC from …

Re: things you don't do with a retro PC

1) overclocking/modding hardware 2) sleeper builds 3) builds following a certain colour scheme (all red PCBs, for example), or having chips from one vendor (all UMC or all AMD) 4) brand name builds (I strictly get standard AT/ATX cases)

Re: Best isa gpu?

What do you mean by "secondary"? Do you plan on using two VGA videocards to drive two screens? I'm not sure it's that easy. From what I understand, each videocard has its own VGA BIOS and they are likely to conflict. If anything, only one of them will get initialised. There are cards that can be …

Re: Retro Rig Photo Thread

I need some answerws s3bright? sgram? I just played duke, hexen and quake in 1997 :P AFAIK, AGP S3 cards like the one probably used in your IBM might have issues with brightness levels (affects the blacks). There is a fix — you can reflash the BIOS or use a tool to turn the fix on/off. I've never …

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