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Re: Ati Rage XL Question

[/quote] have an S3 Trio32 VLB card that works 24+8 bpp 640x480 and 15+1 bpp 800x600 with 1024x768 and 1240x1024 running @ 256 colours[/quote] Yeah i have feeling something was wrong with mine, even in windows 3.11 it would freeze upon driver install.

Re: Ati Rage XL Question

I got one for cheap on eBay and it works great for Windows 95. You can use Mach64 drivers for it under DOS + Win 3.1 I gave up on the windows 3.1 project just wont intall any drivers even my ess 1868f sound card or the S3 64v, it just freezes up, but i am looking on buying 4 old 386x's from ebay at …

Re: Ati Rage XL Question

Yeah its really strange becauase they dont come in genuine looking boxes, more generic like. Maybe they still use for servers and they still produce them. Ebay and Aliexpress are full of new ones. I have an S3 64v 1mb but it wont run windows 98 in 16million colours, it goes all funny and freezes as …

Re: half life 1 and voodoo2

I had a Packard Bell Pizza Tower 166mhz Pentium 1 (Non mmx) and i had issues with getting games to work under the voodoo card. Some motherboards just dont like them. Ran fine with the Cyrix 166GP so it was defintelty the motherboard in my case. What computer is it?

Ati Rage XL Question

Hey everyone, Just wondering i purchased an Ati Rage XL 8mb PCI card, i needed it for early 3d Games like in 1995-1997. I was wondering why are there thousands of them for sale new, are these replicas? Are they still being manufactured? (Originals)?

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