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YMF744 on HP T5720 Thinclient Dos Setup Questions

I am testing a YMF744 card (Aopen one) on a T5720 thinclient in dos to see what works. So far 0 games work. I am running dos 6.22. I used the SIS version of the setupds.exe and drivers. The setupds when run lets me run the tests and I can here music and stuff from all the test options (fm sound, …

DOSBox NE2000 on Windows 10 with win10pcap

I noticed that with Windows 10 the NE2000 support doesn't seem to work. When I launch a IPX game and it gets to the part where it does the pairing the dosbox console shows a FATAL Bad Memory Block. I am sure this has to do with the networking portion. I know win10pcap is newer and windows 10 updated …

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