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Re: SVGA/VESA Emulator for DOS?

Why so secretive about your graphics card? One of the things that makes this forum so good is there are very knowledgeable members, but when you withhold information because you think you know better, not only do you keep people from being able to help, you keep them from WANTING to help.

Re: Bought this (Modern) hardware today

in Milliways
After 5 years with a monitor I repaired that someone was going to throw out (it had a bad capacitor I replaced), I finally "splurged" and got me a modern 1080p monitor. My previous monitor was a 23" 1680x1050 Acer from 2007. I replaced it with this: https://www.benq.com/en-us/monitor/stylish/gw2480. …

Re: What game are you playing now?

in Milliways
Still having a blast with Wizardry 7 DOS. Currently I just finished save scumming in Giant Cave against *SPOT*. He's basically the boss of this cave, a dumb T-Rex-looking pet of the three giants you battle in there. Tons of HP, resistant to most magic, a big bite, but slow and misses often. It takes …

Re: Crusader No Remorse - Black screen in DOS, will NOT boot!

in DOS
Since you didn't mention your graphics card in your first post, I was just throwing that out there to cover the bases. It's possible there's some issue with the GF4, and Univbe won't work with it (it's too new and should already have Vesa BIOS Extension support). It is kind of an overpowered …

Re: Should I build a 486

in Milliways
I agree with above. The appeal of a 486 is playing with VLB and the huge flexibility that the turbo button adds in combination with SETMUL. It will play games from 286-era up to about 1994 very wonderfully. But from a practical standpoint, your 386 already handles the low end while your Slot 1 …

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