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Re: Need help finding childhood Super 7 mobo w/ big Dragonfly on box (ALI Aladdin chipset)

Lets play Devils advocate here. You never saw the motherboard ever, you only saw the box. You will never find this box even if you knew what it was. Your nostoalgia is based on specs and a box. So what difference does it make what board you get as long as it has the same specs. Since you never saw …

Re: Help needed: looking for someone in the US who can help me recover a DCA2 motherboard

I'm in the wrong location to help you out, but judging from the pics, that doesn't look too bad at all. You might want to give fixing it a shot yourself. You probably only have to remove the battery and clean up the PCB and ISA port. No repairing broken traces, etc. Desoldering the battery is a …

Re: New ATX power supply standard will be 12v only

in Milliways
well yeah, there are several devices that consumers can use and buy that use 48V, but I meant wide spread adoption in high current power supplies. though I think the safety limit is something like 60v currently. Well, it varies depending who you ask, but 24V is the most conservative treshold I've …

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