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Thanks very much :)

Newly thanks for your high knowledge and kindness. I erased from Glidos.ini "CDCheckFile: data\End2.phd" and..."VESASupport: Yes" too.Me stupid. Now U.B. runs very well (also in fullscreen mode). Anyway this is my simple notebook Asus,this is Eidos,but overall this is Paul Gardiner..... (---> …

Unfinished Business problem

After i enjoyed Tomb Raider on xp with Glidos (thanks to the great and tolerant Paul Gardiner) i get this problem with Unfinished Business.I downloaded the 3Dfx files from eidos ,Glidos started ,i tryed F4,F3,fullscreen,window,new setting for OpenGL drivers but Lara stayed on the top-left side of …

windoze service pack1 & GlidosID

Paul i am sorry for your doubt about the change of Glidos ID after installation of windows xp service pack 1. I use this a bit strange o.s. (according to me)only for TR1 game and for this message:) Anyway the old GlidosID after the third boot returned on clipboard . Thanks very much for your …

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