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Re: How would graphics card memory throughput effect the performance of a bottlenecked GPU in a dual "P4 Xeon" system?

So my question is the following: In the case where these GPU's are CPU bottlenecked to the extreme, will the difference in memory throughput (as well as the higher CUDA Core count on the TITAN) be an overriding factor when it comes to real world performance? Remember that the goal here is to get …

Re: Windows 98 doesn't like my graphics card

You can't "decrease" VRAM capacity by changing software settings. It needs a vBIOS mod, and swapping vBIOS also won't help because 512MB card uses different memory timings than 256MB ones. Either way, good luck trying to swap timing tables for memory (if you are willing to go that far). In short : …

Re: Vsync

Why "3-rd party app" = trying to use NV driver ? Just use RTSS from MSI Afterburner to limit max. framerate (for example). Also, locking to highest refresh of monitor with Vsync enabled when FPS is much higher than it basicly describes how Fast Sync works.

Re: Vsync

You can limit max. FPS by third party programs. 165Hz monitor will display 60FPS created by GPU just fine. GPU will simply "double" the previous full frame if frame is not ready, and display next one when it arrives. No stutter/tearing will be visible. If you see problems, you can always try …

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