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EMS memory mystery ?

I have a setup of config sys commands (menu structure). Originally i had taken a file / example from Phil`s computer lab homepage. Now i have on my K6-2 system (64Mb ram installed), around 615kb to 620kb free memory , either with EMS or XMS setting. Almost ever driver then will be uploaded into the …

Re: Spur of the moment build.

Your Sempron 2400+ is exactly an Athlon XP 2000+ from spec point of view. (an athlon 2000+ with little FSB boost...) For the VGA's, i agree with previous post, a Geforce 4 MX for budget or Geforce 4 Ti for higher demands...

Re: Desoldering help

I have re-capped several boards the last years. After starting re-capping of the most critical capacitors on selected boards, during that time i have not bought a desolder gun, i have used this multitool (dremel) to drill out the remaining solder at small holes. With this approach you have to take …

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