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Re: "Fake AGP" slots?

MSI made AGR, but that is a hack of AGP on PCIE. emulated AGP via PCIe - seems only MSI made those, unless you mean "they all cut PCIE down to x4 to use some of the lines for AGP"? It's confirmed that AGP Express at the very least uses undercover PCI trick. Some time ago, i have benchmarked the " …

Re: Pentium1 50mhz ?

No. The mapping is hardcoded. So5 has a single pin/bit (BF0) to switch between 1.5x and 2.0x, So7 has two (BF0 and BF1) to switch between those two and 2.5x and 3.0x as well. In P55C (Pentium MMX) the 1.5x is remapped to 3.5x. https://www.pchardwarelinks.com/cpuspeed.htm Here in these charts, …

EMS memory mystery ?

I have a setup of config sys commands (menu structure). Originally i had taken a file / example from Phil`s computer lab homepage. Now i have on my K6-2 system (64Mb ram installed), around 615kb to 620kb free memory , either with EMS or XMS setting. Almost ever driver then will be uploaded into the …

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