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IRC clients for old systems

Let's talk about IRC clients. Which ones do you prefer? I usually use: DOS: --IRCjr from mTCP Windows 3.1: --mIRC Windows 9x: --mIRC --Have tried ChatZilla from the RetroZilla package, but is slow I haven't really dived into the world of IRC clients. I've set up a few servers for my own amusement, …

Re: Dos Trouble

in DOS
ThunderPhoenix wrote on 2021-01-20, 07:15: It's what I am naming my file that has Quake That's a nonsensical statement. Is that a directory (folder)? There is no such thing as a "file that has Quake"

Re: Do you keep your retro rigs offline?

All of my retro rigs are online as much as possible. You would be surprised the utility you can get out of mTCP, Links, Arachne, etc. in DOS, and various old internet programs with proxies in Windows No, you won't get malware. That's a myth. Just don't download anything shady. Nobody cares about old …

Re: A new mTCP is available! (version 2020-01-01)

Everything outside your retro-whitebox is "outside world" for it. You are not going to get your 386 to browse SSL encrypted HTTPS websites either... Too bad, nothing to do about that. Never say never. There is always a way to do something. Two ways to do this: A proxy such as WebOne Up-to-date …

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