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Re: Newly made PCMCIA sound card

I am very interested in new PCMCIA cards, but not just sound. More things too like (modern) WiFi or media decoding. One idea I had was to embed a small SBC (like a Raspberry Pi Zero or something) into a PCMCIA card and make it accessible via the serial port or an internal LAN connection.

Re: A new mTCP is available! (version 2020-01-01)

Hi mbbrutman, After using the 2020 version for some time now, I can report the following: -On some machines, the new version fixes FTP extreme slowness to do any operation like log in, get directory listing, begin file transfer, etc. Once a file transfer begins, it's fast. -On other machines, it …

Re: Some guys opinion about DOSBox

I first learned computers using DOS. This was in ~2005-ish so DOS was already obsolete, but that was what my dad made me learn on, fortunately. So command line based things are second nature to me. I understand the DOSBox config file paradigm. I've been using DOSBox since 0.63. It's natural for me …

RetroHub: a blog or Reddit-like website where you can post and read things from vintage computers

http://retrohub.herokuapp.com This has been in the works for a while, and I released it as "ClassicMedia" some time ago, but it was a bit too janky, sparse, and unexciting to really interest people. I have done a lot more work on the site, fixing bugs, adding new features, etc. Probably the biggest …

Star Trek: Picard

I just watched the first two episodes. Just about the only thing that could compel me to give any of my money to CBS. So far, it feels more like a movie split up across several episodes than a conventional TV show. Perhaps in this way it is like Star Trek's equivalent of The Mandalorian. Perhaps my …

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