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Re: Savage 4 is it useful for anything?

For what it's worth, I believe all Savage4 cards are limited to a 64bit memory bus. My experience with them is that they are a neat alternative for late 90s games, but outside of playing with S3 Metal there isn't much point in using a savage4 when a TNT/TNT2 provides a better overall experience and …

Re: Looking for a japanese vintage computers forum

in Milliways
I have no idea what this page says or if it is legit, but I figured it would be worth posting in case you hadn't seen it. It may just contain the windows 95 drivers you mentioned. http://www.ratocsystems.com/services/driver/sound/5571.html I just followed the link for the 5570 drivers in this thread …

Re: Solution to slow copy of lots of files to FAT32 pendrive

in Milliways
An alternative solution would be to get a cheap but decent SSD and use a USB adapter. It's incredible how much faster a real SSD is compared to a flash drive or hard drive, even over USB. A lot of that speed improvement comes from the transfer of small files. A pile of used low capacity SSDs can …

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