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Re: VGA games with only 16 colors

in DOS
Also, DOS/V games often used 640x400 view port..: Marble Cooking Rusty Seasons of Sakura Runaway City (I assume, that the "mode" behind was 640x480 still.) That's because they're straight ports of PC-98 games and these machines used a weird "letterboxed" mode of 640x400 square pixels in standard …

Re: Windows 95 Japanese games?

in Milliways
If you're refering to obscure games from small developers that never had official releases in the west there's a lot of them, mostly in the shooting, fighting, visual novel and action platformer genres (and not a small amount of them with erotic content); the Touhou series of shooters is probably …

Re: Old Intel CPUs prices

in Milliways
Never use the defaut ebay search, it (nearly)always direct you to the more expensive items in your area first, remember that ebay earns money by comissions so they're interested in you buying the expensive items; do a customs search ordering the items from less to more expensive.

Re: Drunk'en eBay'ing

in Milliways
Last time I engaged in Drunk'en eBay'ing I ended up with another laserdisc player. And the Dark Crystal on CED, a format I wasn't even aware of until it came in the mail. Seller called it a videodisc... grumble grumble . Well, it's a videodisc for sure, just not a laserdisc :-D (videodisc was the …

Re: 3d accelerators on other platforms not PC

I just read that the Namco System 23 board used "multiple PowerVR" chips. I've read conflicting things about that, though, so I'm not sure what to believe. One thing that doesn't make sense about that is that the System 23 doesn't have texture filtering - which you would expect it would have if it …

Re: What will we do when IPv6 is fully adopted?

in Milliways
retardware wrote: Never heard of abandoning the IP4 internet base until this thread. Do there exist actual plans of doing that in the near future (say, 20 years)? As far as I know there's not a defined timetable but yes, at some point in the future IPv4 will be entirely substituted by IPv6.

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