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Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

In 3dmark 2001, the score is greater the faster the GPU is in nature test resulting in a higher score. I proved this with a 5950 Ultra. in the 3dmark game tests the FPS are within margin on Geforce 3 vs etc but in nature test the 5950 gets double the FPS.

Re: AMD K6 3DMARK, aiming for stars.

Welcome to club 5000!! Thank you! But... I was already in the club for some years, since I bought my first Asus P5A board (which, to this day, is still my fastest). :-D However, this is the first time I'm seeing over 5000 points with a non-Asus board (TL;DR, not sure if anyone else in this thread …

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