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Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

Just keep in mind that you likely can't run all the games from the period you specified on your G4. Some games require specific Mac OS versions and won't run on later versions. Classic on Mac OS X can't run all software for classic Mac OS (it is basically equivalent to Mac OS 9.2.2 with some I/O …

Re: Mac-only or Mac-best Games

As for my own suggestions, there are of course Windows/DOS ports, but for Mac specifics I always enjoyed the shareware scene back in the day. Pangea soft's Cro-Mag Rally, Bugdom 1 and 2, Otto Matic, then there's the lesser known stuff like Snowball Run and Gridz, Candy Crisis and Jewel of Arabia. ( …

Re: Windows 98SE install hangs.

The motherboard RAM maximum has no bearing on what is the maximum for Windows 98SE. As others have said, try with 512MB and see if it'll install properly. If you still have issues, perhaps it's the CF card adapter? I haven't tried one myself yet, not with 98SE.

Re: DOSbox for Wii

That's a shame, the Wii makes a great rombox on top of its native Wii and Gamecube support. Yeah, I'm a console peasant. I realize one could just hook up a PC (even an old one) to a TV, but it's the all-in-one aspect of the Wii that makes it appealing. Besides, it's meant for TV use, PCs generally …

DOSbox for Wii

Anyone else try out DOSbox on the Wii? For a PowerPC game console emulating a 386-ish x86 PC, it runs pretty well. Most 2D games run at full speed, sometimes there's a little stutter in the sound with the odd game. Wolfenstein 3D runs nearly at full speed. Even Alone in the Dark runs fast enough to …

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