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Re: Roland SC-55 Refurbishment

Kahenraz wrote on 2022-05-05, 05:20: The unit works great and I now have a matched pair of Roland SC-55 synthesizers with matching 1.21 firmware. Nice work 😀 So, now what? You want to run them in parallel, split-channel, like I do? What are your plans? Please share 😀

Re: New Monkey Island game in the works

Yeah, really great news, the best in weeks!!! Now, I need a retail release to make it perfect... I want a nice new box to put right next to the old ones :) MI:3 is a good game but doesn't count as far as Ron Gilbert is concerned. Yeah, that's what he posted in his blog, almost 10 years ago. But his …

Re: ROLAND UM1-G USB-Midi interface

The older one might have an easier time running on old OSs like XP if you ever needed that. it says XP/Vista compatible The UM-ONE Mk.2 is also XP compatible. I'm using one of these on a WinXP system. A brand new UM-ONE Mk. 2 goes for less than €40,- on Amazon, I just checked it... Why get an old …

Re: ROLAND UM1-G USB-Midi interface

[...]but if the UM1-G is the original and good, then I want it! Well, it is "an" original Roland, but there are older devices. I use a UM-1 (without any letters behind the 1) on a system running Win98SE. It connects this system to my MIDI modules (i.e. Win98SE uses the USB side of the device). …

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