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Re: Wing Commander 1 & 2 CM32L problem

I did not find this issue easily online, so thought to post it here. WC1 and WC2 from Origin Systems give incorrect sound effects when you use a CM32L or LAPC1. This is for instance noticeable during the WC1 intro where instead of laser sounds you get a bell sound instead. Solution for MUNT is to …

Re: 4-D (Sports) Boxing - No Tandy DAC

Great job! As far as a low pass filter goes, I did not consciously record with one. I simply connect the audio output from the Tandy to the line in on my PC' motherboard's sound hardware. My Audacity settings are pretty basic. I think any filtering is from the TL itself. Speaking of patches overdue …

Re: Munt 2.0.0 released

* Added build option mt32emu-qt_WITH_DEBUG_WINCONSOLE. It controls whether a debugging console is shown on Windows. I noticed your default Windows distribution no longer has the systray UI console option as it always has in the past - apparently you compiled the default distribution without it. …

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