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Re: Clipper 5.2 application

The vDosPlus is amazing. I've been experimenting with it all day. It allows my old DOS application to work better than it did in it's best day. I'm printing to a wireless window printer from a DOS program. I've had to use in the past the NET USE LPT1: \computername\sharename /persistent command and …

Re: Clipper 5.2 application

Several issues with clipper 5.xx Can you print? I've gotten to run Clipper 5.3 using DOSBOX you need to install DOS 6.22 but you still have issues. I'm running Win 10 64bit using VM Virtualbox with XP 32 bit installed and am able to get it to print to a USB printer using the NET USE command. Is …

Re: 3dfx voodoo chip emulation is back!

Out of curiosity I applied kekkos patch to the current SVN (r3957) and tried it with Screamer Rally. And it worked! :) Here's the binary if everyone wants to check it out more: DOSBOX_3Dfx.7z I will try out more games asap. UPDATE: Bleifuss 2 / Screamer 2 works, too, as well as Fatal Racing / …

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