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Re: Ebay thread goodbye thread

And now also I get to spend a few hours today and go back to find any of my old posts where I actually contributed any useful information and delete the posts. I don't want to contribute anything to this place after this happened. Welp, I didn't think you would actually close it. And now you've …

Re: Bought these games today

Its a singe of the second coming of the floppy disk belonging it the grate admin from the havens to bestowed a new system patch among his users. Id think he'd be using automatic updates by now... or at lest a flash drive Inbe4 I get stuck by lighten.

Re: Sites you no longer visit

Kreshna Aryaguna Nurzaman wrote: 3dfxZone.it. Used to be one of my most favorite forums, but everything just went slower and slower. Same here, it was a grate site, but like most 3dfx sites the user base left and now its mostly a ghost site.

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