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Re: My collection of Late-era AGP cards

I bought one on E-Bay probably around 2010 or so and payed 100 dollars Canadian with shipping. It was almost new because the owner bought the 5950 ultra because of the noise it made. My systems loud to begin with so it doesn't really bother me, and to be honest it's really is not that bad, even …

Re: Nvidia 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9800 Pro

I thought my score for 3DMark 2003 was rather low, but looking at what others got it is actually a good score. I got 5740 with everything set to default with a P4 Northwood HT with 533 FSB and only 512 megs RAM on the 5800 Ultra. I guess the ram makes no difference in the tests? Just curious if my …

Re: Nvidia 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9800 Pro

I was playing around a couple of weeks ago and started testing the fastest portion of my Nvidia agp cards in 3dmark 2003 (standard settings) and 2 Ati cards. Arock conroe865pe, core2duo 3ghz, 1gbddr1, windows xp32 I do not remember which driver but it was one that could do geforce4 to geforce7 so …

Re: Nvidia 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9800 Pro

Thanks all for the response, it helped me decide to keep the 9800 Pro I purchased off Ebay, but then again a nice 5900 Ultra or 5950 Ultra would be cooler in my opinion to the 9800 Pro (cool factor, not 'heat production' lol.) About the noise these cards make, well, with my system it really doesn't …

Nvidia 5800 Ultra vs Radeon 9800 Pro

I have a question I am hoping someone can help me with. I have a P4 Northwood with HT running at 3.06 ghz with 533 FSB and 512 megs DDR PC3200 and was wondering if I will see noticeable improvements in using a Radeon 9800 Pro I just purchased off Ebay as appose to the 5800 Ultra? The reason I really …

Re: M3D (PCX2) Build Advice.

I have mine with a Cyrix 166mx and it works well with Mech 2 but it is obviously not working to it's fullest. I think a P3 - 500 is where it really shines and will work to it's fullest, but that is just my opinion. It really is underrated though. Tommaso

Re: In need of Win95 disk image software

Ok, I kind of cheaped out. I just added my SD card as a secondary hard drive and used Windows back up to make a back up of my C drive, a full back up not incremental. I think this will work, the only problem being if the drive ever dies, I will have to reinstall Win95 from CD (which I have) and then …

Re: Which XP?

jarreboum wrote: PhilsComputerLab wrote: Some games and software will not install however and check for SP2 for example. That's interesting. Do you have any examples? Does it also happen for SP3? Doom 3 will not install without sp2. This was an install from original disk. Tommaso

In need of Win95 disk image software

I have an IBM Aptiva with Windows 95b on it will all the original software that originally came with it. It looks as though it is new from factory and never used much at all. What I want to do is somehow clone the hard drive so that if it goes bad, all I will have to do is put another cloned drive …

Re: Mechwarrior 2 scratched disc

in DOS
I am glad you found it, now if someone would send me the 3.5 inch disk image of a robot fighting game I have that contains 14 disks 🤣. All 13 work except for disk 2, and who ever heard of a 14 disk game anyway - crazy 🤣. Tommaso

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