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Re: How many working computers do you have right now?

30something, I think? A decent chunk of that is laptops, and another decent chunk is Pentium 4 Dell Dimensions. It's less of a storage problem than it sounds since I tamed the situation with with some IKEA Omar units. Now, not all of those are working as well as I would like (very few are) but I can …

Re: USB Floppy

I've been using dell laptop internal floppy drives, the ones that have a USB Mini-B connector on the side. They seem to work with whatever I put in them (though I don't imagine non-PC disks would work) and seem very reliable. I got a box of like 20 of them NOS for free at one point and I'm kicking …

Re: OPN music on an ISA sound card?

I think the only way to end up with decent GM -> FM would be if it's an OPL3 in 4-op mode. At that point it would have 6 voices with better capability than the YM2151/YM2164 found in the Yamaha CX5M/SFG-01/DX21/DX27/DX100/FB-01 since they have selectable waveforms to modulate with or to be modulated …

Re: Matrox card questions

EpicA sounds like it might be a P690, so a plainclothes Parhelia, possibly with DDR2. If you could send pictures then that would be easier to confirm. That should perform more than well enough for GLQuake or Quake 2, Q3 and HL1 should be okay. Certainly better than the G550. As far as the AGP bus …

Re: Ports of Sonic CD, 1,2 remakes to DOS

in DOS
I've been trying to figure out what would be necessary to compile the decompilation as-is for Win9x, and I'm not positive but I think it wouldn't be particularly difficult. The decompilation upstream supports using SDL1.2 instead of SDL2, which should in theory work fine under 9x. I tried building …

Re: Ports of Sonic CD, 1,2 remakes to DOS

in DOS
With memory requirements like that it might be wiser to target Win9x. That, and it would mean you could run Sonic 1, 2, 3&K, CD (now in 3 flavors!), 3D Blast, and R (am I missing more? I feel like I am.) under 9x natively.

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