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Re: Question about Sierra's EGA640.DRV dithering

I'm just confused why the images don't look stretched if they doubled the vertical resolution during the dithering process. Nonsquare pixels are tricky. Here's a 600x413 original image, https://www.vogons.org/download/file.php?mode=view&id=77809 Here's how that would dither (and stretch, which is …

Re: Some questions about the CT1350B

The Sound Blaster 2 has a stereo audio connector with the mono output from the adlib and PCM split to both left and right. The separated left and right are then combined with the left and right of the CMS output to produce the final result. You hear it on both channels both ways but without the CMS …

Re: ISA 8 bit OPL3 ready

Very feature packed card! Perfect for running Windows 95 on your XT :-P SB+SBPRO2+Wavetable+MidiOut/Joystick by itself makes it very useful for an XT even if ESFM isn't your deal. I don't recall, can ESFM be disabled and an external Resound OPL3 or something used? I'm curious but wouldn't bother …

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