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Re: Different Versions of Ensoniq AudioPCI

Tidbit of information about the AudioPCI 5000: This is a OEM version that was used by Gateway 2000, amongst others. It has better AD/DA conversion than the standard models (see old Ensoniq website on Internet Archive.). Also, I see you have it listed as using a ES1371 chip, but mine uses the ES1370 …

Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

I think that most of those were probably from hobbyist musicians, professionals were mostly using the bigger rackmount units I guess, even back in the day I have never even seen a midi module in a PC store, like I said, I didn't even knew they existed until a few years ago, and I have been very …

Re: CD audio vs Roland & General Midi

CD audio / PCM is true recorded sound, unlike MIDI which is synthesized, so of course it can sound richer. However, for background music in games I sometimes prefer the more laid back FM/MIDI rather than overpowering digital audio which tends too be too much bass, rock and heavy metal. Examples …

Re: New forum suggestions/Feedback

in Milliways
Okay, so this new forum has the same kind of annoyances as all of the other forums I use that use the same software, and both are related to user experience design: - In the pages that display thread titles only, there are no page numbers shown anymore. This means I have to click on the thread title …

Re: Jesus Christ Simulator

in Milliways
I've always wanted to make a Christ game where Jesus rips himself down from the cross when you continue brandishing 2 Desert Eagles. It's pay back time. That tracks right? It sounds like Ghandi II. https://cn.bing.com/th?id=OIP.a7hcP8V6GVam9A7EEe1gwQHaEK&pid=Api&rs=1 I'm somewhat disappointed that …

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