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Re: My Wavetable Sample Thread

I review a standalone ISA card with that synth and romset in my thread: the Procomp Pro-Multimedia Rev. 4.0. Click the link below, then scroll down until you see the card. I don't think it will sound exactly like your daughtercard because the controller/codec will be different, but it will be close …

Re: My Wavetable Sample Thread

Hey, sorry to jump in here, but I wasn't sure where to ask. I got a box of sound cards, and one ess came with a wavetable board with a samsung kso 174-1m01 wavetable chip on it. Does anyone know what this is? https://i.imgur.com/4iEZ703.jpg https://i.imgur.com/H9Hbsc3.jpg https://i.imgur.com/bCMpF8v …

Re: The WindowsME Thread

in Milliways
Hi, as it so happens, I just setup a winME PC. Everything seems to be working fine except, none of the dos games I've tried will play sound. I've got an ASUS A7N8X-X mobo, with built in sound, and I've also tried a SoundBlaster Live with both WDM, and VxD driver. Still nothing. I'd appreciate any …

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