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Re: Can anyone recommend a low cost PSU from Amazon that would work well with retro hardware?

If it just for testing purpose you could use a standard ATX PSU (Seasonic and Corsair make great ones) along with an ATX adapter like this one [https://x86.fr/atx2at-smart-converter/] to protect your mobo. I'm not affiliated with this project, I just happen to have one and can vouch for how nice it …

Re: Help fixing rare CL-GD610/620 VGA card

I just compared your pics from my card and I noticed that on mine jumper JP1 was set up on pin 1-2 while on yours it seems to be on pin 2-3. Also my external dipswitches are as follow (1 to 8, 0 is off, 1 is on) : 00110110 I still haven't got my hands on this card manual so I don't really know what …

Garbled screen but not at the init nor in the BIOS

Hi got the strangest issue with a GD610/620 based ISA video card (Stingray Rev4+, more info on it ) on a 486 system. The video is ok in the embedded monochrome LCD (dedicated connector on the card) but as soon as the POST is finished and then the screen change (to show the HDD booting or in my case …

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