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Re: Descent 2 3DFX Executable

valnar wrote on 2022-05-13, 15:00: Does anyone still have these patches? The links above do not work. The links worked for me, surprisingly enough. Either way, I mirrored them to my server. Primary: http://cwcyrix.duckdns.org/descent2/ Alternate: http://cwcyrix.nsupdate.info/descent2/

Re: Has anyone else tested hardware that seems defective but comes back to life on it's own?

I have this old Maxtor 5.7GB hard drive that came with the old Acer Aspire 2856 desktop tower PC (since 1998, so I am the original owner). At one point in 2018, it was just stuck, clicking, when powered on. For some reason, I kept the drive. Same thing happened in 2019. Then, in 2020, I tried once …

Re: FTP is dead (in Mozilla Firefox v90)

I knew a few months ago, before v90 was even released. Icon layout for FTP was broken in Firefox for years, though. For browsing FTP servers, I use either Pale Moon (too lazy to remove it from the machine; uses very old Firefox release as base) or SeaMonkey (uses Firefox ESR release as base). I use …

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