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Re: My Super 7 Lives! Muuhaa!

It could be, it worked fine on the Gigabyte 5smm but won't even post with it installed in the Asus. It's a really old card, I've had it for years but have no idea what version of PCI it is. If I could find a PCI Voodoo3, I'd use the gigabyte board, it was a mini ATX board and a mini DOS/Win98 …

Re: My Super 7 Lives! Muuhaa!

I really didn't have any trouble. It has a modem built in on the card but I just ignored it and downloaded a driver for the chipset and works great even in DOS. The card is nice since it has lots of internal connections for input and output. I just rewired the stock AC'97 pinout to match the pins on …

My Super 7 Lives! Muuhaa!

I had be gathering parts over the last few weeks, and finally my Super 7 retro machine lives. It's that kind of build that I wanted back in 99' that I couldn't afford as a kid. Case is a modern Thermal Master from Microcenter (Nice case for the price for these kind of builds) Motherboard is an Asus …

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