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Re: Crusader No Remorse

Mappoule: Try disabling EMM386 completely. I get the PROTMEM.C error message if the EMM386 handler is active, even using the NOEMS switch. Crusader doesn't seem to need an _outrageous_ amount of conventional RAM, anyway.

Cannot d/l ZIP version of Glidos - file not found

The v1.19 installer version of Glidos fails to install badly on my 98SE system (probably because I use Revenge of Mozilla, analogous to 98lite, which strips out clutter from 98SE and I think replaces the Explorer shell with the 95 version. The link for the .zip file appears to be broken: http://www. …

Re: List of Slowdown Utilities (Beta)

in Deep Thought
Just to add: MoSlo 4BIZ isn't free, but it does work well. I've had very fast feedback from the author, too, when I was trying to get WipeoutXL properly slowed down, as well as a free upgrade to the latest registered version. Bremze works really well, but also isn't free (stops working after 5mins). …

Re: 3dfx/Glide

in PC Emulation
Assuming we're talking about Windows games here, yeah, I've had some success running commercial games with Glide wrappers. Sentinel Returns (slight bugs) Nuclear Strike (perfect) Longbow 2 (nope) Spec Ops (nope). Shadow Warrior - I think so, can't quite remember. Glide doesn't do anything …

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