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Re: Which software to preserve CDs?

Imgburn is a good example. If you provide a CD with audio tracks, imgburn will automatically detect it and switch from the extension. ISO to .BIN for saving the image. If you want to force it back to .ISO you will receive a popup message that this mode is not supported on this kind of CDs

Re: No CD drive loadet in Dosbox-x /Windows98

in DOSBox General
Try this imgmount d "cd.iso" -t iso -fs iso -ide 2m taken from https://github.com/joncampbell123/dosbox-x/issues/219 There's also a further comment stating: Also make sure your dosbox.conf enables IDE emulation, both primary and secondary controllers, and that the "v86 hack" for Windows 95/98 is on. …

Re: Dune II HD port at last!

in Milliways
That's interesting to know, I never perceived these different "attack modes" neither back in the days nor today 😉 IMHO, consistent attack damage would be useful.

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