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Re: Slot A K7 Voodoo SLI rig

Wow great setup :) I have the same slot A setup stuffed away in boxes for a 99 build project in the future, really get my excited to build the slot A setup when I see this topic :) Thank you! Slot A might have been short-lived, but it achieved quite a lot and deserves attention. The more people do …

Re: Sound blaster pro 2 with 2 OPL chips?

in Marvin \ Sound
Congrats! It is a great card. The original Sound Blaster Pro 1 (CT1330) has 2 OPL2 to provide stereo FM Sound. Soon after the OPL3 chip was released. So Creative updated the Sound Blaster Pro to rev. 2 (CT1600) with 1 x OPL3. The Sound Blaster Pro 1 is quite rare. That is why many collectors are …

Sound blaster pro (2.0) with 2 OPL chips?

in Marvin \ Sound
Hi, I recently brought up my old "Avid Technology" ISA sound card from the basement equipped with creative Chips (as seen on the picture) I discovered that it has 2 YM3812 (OPL2) chips on it? I cant find any explanation why this is? Regards, Wim

Re: My Retro build

Nice build :) love the case with the labeling :D Got almost the same hardware, only not build yet, but i got an P2 350mhz. Maybe you will look for an voodoo2? What motherboard do you have and what's your graphics card? Also, a Voodoo2? I was thinking more along the lines of an ATi RADEON 9200 128MB …

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