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Re: GTA 24-Bit Mode on an ATI Rage II+

MAZter wrote on 2020-06-10, 13:26: gta24.exe -nounivbe or k.exe -nounivbe […] Show full quote gta24.exe -nounivbe or k.exe -nounivbe I don't remember exactly this key works with some graphics cards, also you may need dos32a extender Tried k.exe -nounivbe and gta24.exe -nounivbe. Unfortunately still …

GTA 24-Bit Mode on an ATI Rage II+

I cannot get passed the incompatible vesa driver error when trying to run the original GTA in 24-bit mode on real hardware with an ATI Rage II+DVD card with Windows 95 or DOS mode. I am so unfamiliar with this vesa stuff and Im not sure what to do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

CD Audio in FreeDOS

I have a Pentium 4 build that I have placed XP and 98 on. I also have a FreeDoOS HDD that I have been experimenting with. The only issue I have yet to overcome is the fact that whenever I try playing a game that has CD audio, with the CD in the drive, it does not detect it and will not play the cd …

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