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Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

I have attached a link of a video I just took of my issue to maybe help someone see the problem I am running into. It shows my vintage PC running Space Quest IV. The Um-One cable is hooked up to it and directly into the Pi3B+. The sound you hear is because the connection is made between Fluidsynth …

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

I am simply trying to hook up an old computer with midi out to the Pi3b+ using a Roland UM-One cable. I have been able to get this to work using Fluidsynth and Qsynth by going into qjackctl and connecting Fluidsynth to the UM-One. I try the same process with Munt and still nothing.

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

Well I went through and did everything manually. Installed the latest Raspbian OS and then installed munt. Everything went smoothly except I can not see the Roland UM-One USB MIDI device inside of munt. There is just a blank window when I choose New Midi port. Is there something special I am …

Re: Emulating MT-32 on an RPi2

I have been trying to use the Pi3 image from this thread on my Pi3b+ and a Roland UM-One cable. After writing this image to a sd card and booting it up it just hangs at a grey desktop screen after logging in with username "pi" and password "raspberry". Am I supposed to do anything to the image …

MT32-PI and Roland UM-ONE

I have a Pi 3B+ that I am trying to use MT32-Pi on. Are there step by step instructions other than what is on the quick start section of the creators github? I followed those and nothing is working. Here is what I did: - I copied the contents of the zip file downloaded from the github page onto the …

Re: GTA 24-Bit Mode on an ATI Rage II+

MAZter wrote on 2020-06-10, 13:26: gta24.exe -nounivbe or k.exe -nounivbe […] Show full quote gta24.exe -nounivbe or k.exe -nounivbe I don't remember exactly this key works with some graphics cards, also you may need dos32a extender Tried k.exe -nounivbe and gta24.exe -nounivbe. Unfortunately still …

GTA 24-Bit Mode on an ATI Rage II+

I cannot get passed the incompatible vesa driver error when trying to run the original GTA in 24-bit mode on real hardware with an ATI Rage II+DVD card with Windows 95 or DOS mode. I am so unfamiliar with this vesa stuff and Im not sure what to do here. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

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