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Re: Windows2000 or WindowsXP for a dual P3 1Ghz (Coppermine), 2GB of ram, Geforce 6800+voodoo2 SLI ?

I have a real soft spot for Windows 2000. I strongly believe it is the best operating system (or least shite) that Microsoft has ever made. It's massive set of modern, but simple to use features, rock solid stability, and proven UI make it something I wish I used more option. If you do go with 2000, …

Can someone help identify this music?

https://drive.google.com/open?id=1SaZgY7qQ3O1row7gguuaf0F1M47XfAj_ I think it's Half-Life related, but I listened to the entire sound track of Half-Life 1 and 2 and couldn't find it. I could find similar tracks, but nothing similar to this. I've tried only music databases, but no luck. It's right on …

Re: I finally have a GUS !!!

The GUS is one of the best single card solutions for DOS and early windows MIDI and general sound. The only thing that is in theory better would be an SB Pro 2/SB16 with a nice selection of MIDI units.

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