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Re: DaemonTools No CD Audio

I'm trying an experiment. I'm installing a Sb Live 5.2 into Windows 98, and linking to the ISA SB that I have. The SB Live will have WDM drivers and the ISA card will have VxD drivers. I want to see how bad I can mess up my system. 😀

Re: DaemonTools No CD Audio

Now that I think about it, I installed the VxD drivers because the WDM drivers from the Windows 98SE CD didn't work with Doom's music and only produced sound effects. I can try to find a more recent version of the WDM driver

DaemonTools No CD Audio

Hello anyone reading this. I've recently installed Daemon Tools 3.4.7 to simulate CDs (MY Half Life disc is scratched to hell and I'm not sure it will hold up anymore) and have tried to play games with CD Audio, like Half Life and Quake, for example. Music works fine in CD player, but doesn't work …

IBM PS/2 Monitor

I have an IBM monitor that a company was going to throw away. I snatched it before its redemption time and now I'm thinking of fixing it. The VGA connector is cut off, and there's dirt and grime everywhere. I have spare VGA cables that I don't mind sacrificing, but my question is: Will a monitor …

Re: PS/2 keyboard locks up after startup

in Windows
Sorry if I didn't respond immediately, but after tests, the keyboard and mouse also lock up in safe mode, and when i press the reset button on my case(a small red button that deletes everything from ram and returns to bios) the keyboard is still locked up. An unplug and re-plug fix it temporarily, …

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