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Re: Asus USB/MIR

thank you to everyone for advice and helping and maybe a small future project :D hopefully hear back from kaputnik and see how his theory goes :D Got the USB/MIR 1.11 board and modded it. As expected, it works perfectly. Only did PS/2 since I got no use for IR, and no way to test it :) - Prepared …


Hello all i Have an Asus P5A-B Motherboard and noticed it can use Asus usb/mir breakout card i can find this card (with usb only) online quite easily i was wondering is it difficult to add ps/2 port and irda port on the card itself (voltages, resisters etc) and make or alter a ribbon cable for it as …

bugs bunny - lost in time install issue

hello all i am trying to install bugs bunny lost in time on my win95 pc the game install fines until it asked for directx installation if you say no the installer quits and deletes the games files from pc if i say yes then directx 5 installs but i already have directx 8.0 installed and the installer …

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