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Re: Windows XP Updates?

@HandOfFate I run it with Windows server 2003 :) As you say, it definitely is not straightforward and you need to learn basics how to set up WSUS and work with it, but then you just set one GPO in XP system with WSUS server address and it gets updates from there. It works fine with clean Win2003 SP2 …

Re: Windows XP Updates?

to get SHA2 support in in XP, you have to install KB968730, which is not in windows update. But if it will resolve problem you have, I dont know. Also, you can install Windows server with WSUS, bulk download updates there and tell your XP machine to update from your WSUS server.

Re: Windows 98SE and DVD RAM

in Windows
open the drive and if dust is everywhere, blow it out with pressured air. After that, clean the lens with ear cleaning stick soaked in ethanol or isopropyl. I am sure theres more than one guide on youtube for this. Also, Asus P4P800 with 512MB RAM is fine for XP.

Windows 98 SE VM on a Ryzen 3000 not working

Hello, I upgraded from Sandy Bridge to a new Ryzen 3000 matisse. Problem is, that my Windows 98 VM is practically unusable now. It gives error about missing DLL with name that doesnt make sense, invalid operation from rundll32.exe when I try to run any program including "my computer" or even …

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