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Re: Varta replacer

Ok I thought you meant at the original Battery pins, not at the replacement battery. The schematic calls for a diode in series with a 220 ohm resistor off the Coin V+ to the original battery + pin. My guess is that the diode in backwards... Ye my thought also but it is added after the bord markings …

Varta replacer

Just wanted to be sure as i never uses a "varta" replacer, i build one from https://github.com/RetroNynjah/Varta-Replacer . I did check that there is no connection between the plus line on the board to the battery holders plus side. My only concern is that when the computer is on without battery i …

Re: Show us your custom Physical mt32-pi Builds

That's a nice clean design, I do recommend that you consider adding buttons though. Otherwise you can't switch from MT-32 to soundfont mode, unless maybe you use MT32-pi-control software. Here's what I've been working on for a few weeks now - my MT32-pi case which is designed to look like a …

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