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Re: Trying to install a SoundBlaster Live! in DOS

It is possible to use a PCI sound card with real DOS - I'm doing so with my P4 rig. Ive tested a SB16 and Turtle Beach Vortex 2 and both work, although the TB is by far the best. [quote="Jorpho". Unless your "DOS pc" is older than a Pentium 4, it will probably be impossible to use a PCI sound card …

RAM question

in DOS
Is there a way to get DOS (FreeDOS 1.2) to recognise more than 64MB of conventional memory? I have DOS, devices and drivers loaded HIGH but am still lacking enough conventional memory to play some games. My PC has 1GB of RAM installed.

Re: Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

Sorry to hear that. Thanks for the reply. Hope everything works out for you. Sorry, I'm not available more, my life went all topsy-turvy and I'm still crawling out the hole I ended up in and can't offer any real help at this time. I suggest leaving the fader/rear setting at 15 since the TB Montego …

RAM issue..

Hi Been trying to get X-Wing to run without much success. I think it may be to do with having too much RAM or RAM incorrectly configured. My Setup: P4 FreeDOS 1.2 2GB RAM TB Vortex 2 FDCONFIG.SYS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B0LrPPmo9hqCOGExSjZqcXNNLVU/view?usp=sharing https://drive.google.com/ …

Re: Release -New Aureal DOS Mixer Util-

? McDos wrote: I can't make this work properly with my TB Vortex2 (AU30DOS driver) […] Show full quote I can't make this work properly with my TB Vortex2 (AU30DOS driver) AU30MIX gain front 0 AU30MIX gain rear 0 The above actually makes the audio quieter when playing mp3s in MXPLAY. Am I doing …

MIDI help needed!

Hi I can't get any MIDI sounds in DOS from my MT-32 which is connected to a SBLive SB0220 via the gameport. I can get MIDI sounds when I boot into Win2K using this setup so I know the cable, MT-32 and card are good. I've been using GODS with the installer set to output sound to Roland LAPC-I to test …

Vortex 2 with P4

Hi After some research I have just bought a Vortex 2 PCI to use in my dual boot Win2k/FreeDOS PC - a Dell 360 Precision. Currently waiting on delivery. Was just wondering how easy it is to get this card up and running in (Free)DOS. I also have a Roland MT-32 which I intend to use with compatible …

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