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Re: Ultimate Retro board submissions thread: suggest board edits and/or add new boards here

Saved the BIOS of 2 very destroyed boards. The 486 seems to be Amptron DX-6900 https://www.ultimateretro.net/en/motherboards/572#downloads The Slot-1 I didnt find. Filename 20220811_185259.jpg File size 1.07 MiB Views 39 views Filename 20220811_185208.jpg File size 809.75 KiB Views 39 views …

Re: ISA XMS/EMS Memory Extension / Expansion cards: Now Running without Driver / Documentation :-)

Does not look that bad. Your card seems to have 2mb onboard. The screenshot Shows 512kb is ok, indicated by the blue 0000000... The 45080008 indicates some error. For me it seems only the Last 512kb is working. I would remove all ICs except the ones in bank 0 first to locate the error. Then run …

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